Winter Pool Day Ticket


Winter Pool Day Ticket ,R & FAA members now have access to winter Roach ,Perch and Pike fishing on a very exclusive fishery a short drive from the Leaton fishery main entrance.

This fishing is available from 1st of December until the end of February on a day ticket basis. The only available days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Only one day ticket is available each day at a cost of £10 per day payable to the R & FAA via bank transfer, cheque, Paypal or cash in advance of fishing.  This venue is a syndicate carp fishery but R & FAA members are NOT ALLOWED TO CARP FISH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Car parking is on road, (see photo slider below with instructions) opposite the double gate farm entrance then immediately left through the black gate. Members are reminded to close all gates.  Access to the ‘shallow’ end (approx. 6/7’) of the fishery is down the bank then over a stile.  There are two platforms available to fish from here. Access to the deep water area (approx. 18’) is best achieved by continuing along the top of the bank to the right of the trees (see photo) then down the bank to one of the three platforms in this area.

Roach fishing:– Keepnets can be used, one rod only.

Pike fishing:– Unhooking mats must be used, two rods only, semi barbed trebles.

All fish to be returned.

As stated, this is a syndicate carp fishery and our members must be aware that the carp anglers have priority at this venue.  If a carp angler arrives to fish then our members must move!  Otherwise our members must leave the fishery before dark and not arrive in the morning before it is light.

Once the payment has been made the contact number for the manager of the fishery will be made available and he will give directions and discuss possible dates with the member. The Manager of the fishery will have the final say on dates available as only he will know if the fishery will be available (busy or not) and or if any works are taking place on the Estate or Farm.  So there will be no block booking of dates in advance.

N.B.  All members please be aware that this is a new venture for the Club and there may be more opportunities like this in the future.

Max Taylor

Chairman R & F A A

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